DAVCO Offers Resources to Our Clients

DAVCO believes in a successful relationship with our clients. We work together to solve all of your fastener and non-fastener needs.

Below are some valuable links to help you identify and specify a product and finish. As always, there is a DAVCO team specialist ready to help you.

Need help with product selection? Just getting started? Do you have a requirement for an odd length or dimension that does not fit any current industry standard stock? We are here to help!

Let us walk you through identifying what your specific needs are.

Whether you need product information, pricing details, shipping plans or distribution logistics, we are always just a call away.

We also provide The Fastener Reference Guide that addresses many of the sizing and schematic standards in the industry today. The Fastener Reference Guide contains dimensional, mechanical, and performance specifications from ASME, ASTM, and SAE.

Here are some additional links to help with product materials and sizes.

JIS / DIN Equivalents


Suggested Hole Sizes for Thread Rolling, Cutting, Forming and Tapping Screws


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